shift, 2014

Enjoy..! Coffee Lounge, Albert Street, Dundee

Enjoy..! Coffee Lounge served as the temporary site for new works by Morgan Cahn, Becca Clark, Katie Reid, Richard Taylor and Lada Wilson. Visitors encountered new works made in response to an understanding of the third place, a place other than or in between ‘home’ and ‘workplace’. On 22 June, Enjoy..! Coffee Lounge became a studio, gallery and library playing host to performance and installation over one Sunday afternoon shift.

shift, Richard Taylor Performance Readings, Enjoy..! Coffee Lounge, 2014

Questioning how we enact the process of learning, while highlighting the moments of educational exchange that can occur through conversation, Morgan Cahn developed an active and evolving library as she shares and exchanges knowledge with visitors. Katie Reid made use of what temporarily became excess furniture, while Becca Clark’s series of small interventions occurred by way of teeny tiny movable sculptures that assess the value of input and output, action and reaction. We all to and fro. Lada Wilson invited the audience to take part in a verbal and visual exchange that created a temporary portrait of time from words and imagination. Richard Taylor presented a small sculpture and a drawing connected by themes expanded upon in a new text read to the audience along with selected photography. The text was read at 1pm, 2.30pm and 4pm, with each reading slightly edited after Richard journeyed repeatedly to the top of Dundee Law hill and back down to the Coffee Lounge to read again.

shift, Enjoy..! Coffee Lounge, 2014